Preserving Your Family Memories

You’ve converted your home movies to DVD and scanned your photos to preserve them. Doing so helps to ensure these Family Memories can be shared with future generations. However, you would like to do more to pass your family history on to those who come after you. Following are some great ways to do so and ensure the memories are there for others to see.

Family Interviews

This is a great job for children, as they spend time with older family members and learn about their history in the process. Be sure to tape these interviews so people can see their relatives and the interaction between the two. Be sure to ask questions about where the person was born and grew up, Ask some questions that are fun too. This includes things like trouble the person got into as a child and the one thing they loved most about summer vacation. If possible, take the time to transcribe the interviews also to make it easier for people to find the information later.

Family Heirlooms

Certain heirlooms are passed down from generation to generation, but people may not know the history behind them. When this history is known, be sure to take a photo of the item and put the history with it. This information may be kept in a photo album or stored in the cloud for the family to see. The more that can be shared about each piece, the more treasured the heirloom will be to those who are lucky enough to receive it in the future.

Make Backups

Any items that are stored digitally should be preserved on more than one site to ensure they are safe in the event something happens to one of these sites. A great way to collect memories is to host a family reunion. Have everyone bring their digital items or photos to the reunion. Rent a scanner for the event and allow everyone to transfer their items to the cloud. Have a way to make copies of movies also so all can have their own personal version.

Families are special. Each one is unique. Make sure all family members are aware of your history and preserve it for generations to come. The above ways are only a few that may be used to achieve this goal and there are numerous others. Begin today so this history isn’t lost.